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About Form 990-PF

Who Is Responsible For The Organization's Financial Statements? You would be required to fill out this part of the Form 990-PF if the organization is required to file a Form 990-PF. This might be the case when the IRS believes that a corporation has no independent financial responsibility. It is also important when an organization is a sole proprietor. 2. Who Is Responsible For The Organization's Annual Financial Statements? All public and private organizations that receive tax-exempt status are required to provide an annual financial statement. Such Form 990-PF must provide the following information, unless the organization is exempt as a private foundation: The names, addresses, and phone numbers of at least the four board members; Annual expenditures; and The gross total income from all sources, including all business activities. 3. Who Is Responsible For The Organization's Books and Records? You would be required to fill out this part of the Form 990-PF if the organization is required to file a Form 990-PF. Such Form 990-PF must provide the following information, unless the organization is exempt as a private foundation: The names, addresses, and telephone numbers of a person authorized to make copies, and a description of the items of physical property being copied; and The date the copies are made, which must be not earlier than the close of the calendar year for most bookkeeping purposes but not later than the end of the taxable year. 4. Who Is Responsible For The Organization's Internal Controls List. You would be required to fill out this part of the Form 990-PF if the organization is required to file a Form 990-PF. Such Form 990-PF must provide the following information, unless the organization is exempt as a private foundation: The name and full address of the executive officer; Names and addresses of all persons whose names appear on the organization's tax-exempt rolls, whether current or former; and The name and address of all persons responsible for ensuring that an effective internal control system is maintained that effectively monitors and controls the organization's compliance with all law, rules, and regulations. 5. Who Is Responsible For Accounting And Reporting? All public and private organizations that receive tax-exempt status are required to provide an accounting and reporting schedule for all material transactions and dealings.

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FAQ - Form 990-PF

What is the purpose of Form 990-PF?
A Form 990-PF is a list of all the income you received in a fiscal year; the total amount; and the total dollar value of the business activity expenses and, to the extent allowable, the taxable income for each quarter. Please note that the total amount, which you receive in your Form 990-PF, must be within the allowable limits and your total dollar value must be greater than zero. How you file Form 990-PF: For a Form 990, you must sign your original or certified copy of Form 990-PF and pay the required fee. In the text box for line “A,” type “10990” on the line and press the Enter key. The IRS sends you a hard copy of your Form 990 by mail or email. The Form 990-PF is due by the 10th day of the fifth month following the month of your tax year for which we received your return. It is also due for tax years 2013, 2014, etc. If you file online, you will need to submit form 990-PF through a secure web portal before paying your income taxes. If you submit electronic versions of the Form 990, then you will pay the tax with a check. If you submit paper or electronic copies of the Form 990, then you will pay the tax with a paper check or a personal check, payable to the IRS. You will be able to enter your account number and filing status when you log in to the site. Please Note: Please Note: A completed and signed form is required to be received by your local IRS Taxpayer Assistance Center(TAC) by noon of the fourth business day following the month of your tax year.
Who should complete Form 990-PF?
If you want to see if your employer is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization, you must file Form 990-PF with your tax form. The form provides information about all your organizations, such as their total employees, employees' pay, the type of compensation paid to these employees, the type and amount of business expenses (travel, advertising, etc.), the type of compensation in kind, and the sources (payments or reimbursements from other companies or individuals for providing services); your employer's gross receipts, total paid employees and total paid expenses; and your employer's gross receipts, total paid employees and total paid expenses for the most recent fiscal year. The form also provides information about your employer's distributions. Do your employers file Form 990-PF with your tax form? When filing Form 990-PF, you will find on page three the line Itemized or Other Disclaimers, and then enter the following disclaimer: ...the information described above is not intended for use in figuring taxable or deductible contributions (other than contributions to your plan). You may choose to file your own returns, but please be sure that any tax information you include on these returns is correct, complete and accurate. Do you file quarterly Form 990s with your employer? If you do not pay more than 100 to your employer each year and if your employer files a Form 990-PF, you will file quarterly and pay only 12. If you decide to make a return, you will need to pay the entire tax, and you cannot use your tax return for a payment from another employer. The IRS does not consider the Form 8606 as a payment from a separate employer, and, accordingly, you cannot use the Form 990-PF or Form 990 for the same purpose. In addition, if your employer is a trade association or a business organization which does not pay an excise tax on its services to its members, you should consider using the Form 990-C instead of 990-PF. If you have any questions about Form 990-PF, the proper tax filing authority or any other tax related matters, you can always telephone the IRS at 1-800-TAX-FORM (), fax the IRS at or email the IRS at Who must file Form 990-PF? You cannot file a Form 990-PF for yourself.
When do I need to complete Form 990-PF?
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Can I create my own Form 990-PF?
Individual filers cannot include their own Form 990-PF for fiscal year 2006. In order for a filing entity to make a Form 990-PF, it must meet the requirements outlined in the instructions on the Form 990-PF. Are there any special rules to Form 990-PF? The following are some special rules related to Form 990-PF: Covered entities that choose to file as a separate legal entity (individuals are still subject to income tax on their distributive earnings) and receive cash distributions from an employer must include cash distributions of 1 million or less in a category titled Additional cash distributions. Such distributions are taxable in the payer's jurisdiction and are deducted by the payer in calculating its income tax; However, they must be reported on Form W-2s as income paid to the employee. Distributions made during the year by an employee as an employee benefit is considered interest received; For example, pay and allowances received are reported on Form W-2s as business income or gain instead of interest. If a payee gives you Form W-2B, the payer gives you the B section of each employee's Form W-2B. If you are a partnership, association, or corporation, it may file Form 8962 instead of Form 990, but only at its discretion. All partners or members of a partnership or business must report the gross income and deductions from the partnership or from its business on their personal tax returns. The filer of a Form 990-PF is responsible for determining whether the Form is correct under the rules listed above, whether a Form 990-PF should be filed, and for recording the details on a copy of the Form 990-PF on file in the United States Treasury for examination and processing by the Internal Revenue Service. To do that, a filer must follow the instructions on Form 990-PF. An individual filer should keep copies of all forms and reports filed with Form 990-PF on file at his or her business or residence, so that the IRS will be able to verify details of the filer's tax account. What if my organization is self-employed? A sole proprietor or partnership that is self-employed must file Form 1040, U.S. Individual Income Tax Return, as a Form 1040.
What should I do with Form 990-PF when it’s complete?
All employees are required to submit their 990 for each fiscal year, and Form 990-PF can be completed electronically via the University's web portal. Please Note: Only Form 990-PF with all required items is acceptable as the official government record of your U.S. federal tax-exempt organization (for the organization to be granted nonprofit status), while your Form 990-PFO and other forms will not be recognized as such. Where can I find current Form 990-PF? The U.S. Department of Labor requires Form 990-PFO, all Form 990-PF (if issued) and Form 990-PF-EZ to be filed electronically (filed). Please Note: The annual reporting requirements of the IRS are not the same for all tax-exempt organizations and the IRS does not provide complete information. Therefore, it is the responsibility of each organization to be sure that it is in compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations. If an organization has questions, it should contact the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TI GTA). Information on finding and locating your tax return can be found at Guidance on Using the IRS Online Return Filing System (IRS Online Return Filing System) at. What if the IRS requests additional information? The U.S. Department of Labor requires each employer to maintain the confidentiality of the Form 990-PF and any other forms, information or reports received by the employer in connection with an employee benefit, employment or tax matter. If the Department determines that the information received by the employer from an applicant or employee is protected from disclosure by Federal law, the disclosure should be made in a manner that is consistent with the privacy and confidentiality provisions of Federal law. If information provided by any person (employer, applicant, creditor, insurer, lawyer, creditor, applicant or employee) who has assisted the IRS in an investigation of a tax-exempt organization is protected from disclosure, then that information should be protected by a confidentiality agreement that can be reviewed and signed by that person before the information is made available to or reviewed by the IRS. If you are unable to obtain a confidentiality agreement, the IRS will be able to make use of other available evidence in determining compliance with the applicable Federal, State, or Private Sector laws.
How do I get my Form 990-PF?
If the Form 990-PF is generated, you need to send it to the IRS in writing as soon as possible. A Form 990-PF is a free, downloadable electronic filing service on the Internet. You can do it at your computer or through the IRS' web page. Are there any limits to how I can file the Form 990-PF? The IRS limits the number of Form 990-PFs you can file for anyone tax year to two to one. That means you can file one Form 990-PF for the year for which you are filing the return. However, if you file more than two Forms 990-PFs for the year, the IRS limits how much each one can contribute toward your total tax liability. You can learn more about the IRS limits and how to reduce them by using TurboT ax software. Can a Form 990-PF that includes a Schedule C include information that is not required by law? Yes! You can still make the filing of Schedule C through filing Form 990-PF. For example, Schedule M, Miscellaneous, can also be filed as a Form 990 or Form 990-PF. Is a Form 990-PF good for multiple years? A Form 990-PF filed for one tax year does not indicate which year it represents. A Form 990-PF filed for more than one year represents the tax years for which it was filed. Which income tax forms must be filed? The IRS expects you will file four types of income tax returns: Employee's income tax forms are filed for each pay period with your employers. These statements must be filed with Form 1099-MISC, Multi-Employer Insurance Income Tax Return. Also, see the instructions for Form W-2 (Self-Employment Tax) in chapter 4 of Pub. 519 for information about filing Form W-2 (Self-Employment Tax). Your Form 1099-R must be accompanied by the IRS form, Form 1120-MISC. This form is to report all the self-employment income you had during the current tax year. Tax return returns for other taxpayers are filed with the IRS. The instructions for Form 1040-ES are available on For example, Form 990-PF reports information on your non-business income.
What documents do I need to attach to my Form 990-PF?
Each Form 990-PF includes two forms of documentation at the end of the form. In some cases, these are the same documents. The document(s) to be attached to your Form 990-PF must all be submitted by the filing deadline you specified in your Form 990-PF. If you need additional documentation to confirm your filing address or to support your claim that you reside in a state that imposes more than half of its general taxes on individuals under age 65, the following may be required. Proof of Federal Income Tax Identification Number (ITIN): You must show proof of the ITIN on Form 990-PF. ITIN is a number assigned by the Internal Revenue Service and is an identifier for tax filers who file with their federal income tax returns electronically. A ITIN number must have been assigned to you when you filed your federal tax return. If you are a domestic corporation (non-resident alien), you must show proof of its status as a foreign corporation. I am a citizen or resident alien. Can the Form 990-PF be submitted by postal mail? Your Form 990-F and Forms 990-PF filed on paper may be delivered to us by a non-taxpayer who is not required to have an ITIN or FTA number for filing a return. You may be able to obtain the address and mailing address of the provider to provide them. If you are using postal mail, you must have a valid return address other than the one on your tax return. If we cannot locate the person to whom you should have sent the documentation or who should be responsible for providing it to you, you may contact the postal service to obtain the address of the postal official who would determine the address that would be acceptable. You also may obtain the address from: The mailing address of the taxpayer's employer. The mailing address of the taxpayer's place of employment. The mailing address of the taxpayer's principal place of business (including temporary sites used solely to maintain permanent facilities). The mailing address of the taxpayer's residence as noted in the taxpayer's tax return. If you are the filing taxpayer and have a business address or a place of employment address different from that listed on the return, we cannot locate it on your return and cannot determine whether it is acceptable address for us to send documents to.
What are the different types of Form 990-PF?
The Form 990-PF, or Form 990-PF, is a letter-by-letter accounting statement that companies file with the U.S. federal government every year. Companies are required to report their income, expenses, profits, losses, and other amounts in a format called the “U.S. Federal Income Tax Return.” The Form 990-PF is just a form of the return. The tax rules and regulations for many of the companies on Form 990-PF will change when the tax code changes in the next few years. The most basic form of a company's tax returns is called a Form 990 (which is also called a “Certificate of Reportable Transaction”) and there are a variety of reasons why a company may not be able to file Form 990-PF. Why are there different forms of Form 990-PF? Companies have to figure these numbers out by reading a variety of tax sources that apply to them. For example, companies are legally required to file a Form 990 if the amount reported for a certain tax year is more than 600 million. However, a 1.3 billion loss could be reported as a loss of 300 million since the income tax for that year was only 600 million. Companies may be given a number at the beginning of the year called a “tax law maximum” to use as their starting point for their calculation. The tax law maximum is the amount that will be allowed by the Internal Revenue Service. However, the maximum doesn't mean the amount will be added up correctly. Some tax sources allow the company to report that the maximum amount deducted from its revenues isn't allowed under certain conditions. Other tax sources may allow a company to report losses for a part of the year, but only losses that actually happen. The forms of tax reporting vary with the type of business the company is doing and the kind of companies reporting they are doing. For example, with a sole proprietorship or for-profit corporation, one Form 990-PF will be required as the standard form of return (or “form 990-S”) and a backup schedule will be required as well. For corporations, the two-corporation Form 1120 can be used to report their income and expenses. In addition to Form 1120, there are several other forms of filing that will also be required by many companies.
How many people fill out Form 990-PF each year?
We receive approximately 10,000 Form 990-PF reports each tax year. Is Form 990-PF filed electronically or manually? Form 990-PF is filed electronically. May I have additional tax return information on a Form 990-PF? We may collect additional tax return information on a Form 990-PF. The information must be the same as that contained in the original return. We may, however, require additional information: on items 1 and 2 of Form 8949 on item 7 of Form 8974 on a Form 8974-M on Form 8889 On another Form 990-PF with similar information on the first page that lists the name of the individual or business. How long does Form 990-PF take to file? Form 990-PF is filed with the IRS by 1 p.m. Eastern time on the 15th day after it received the last tax return(s) filed, not including extensions, deductions, or credits. Forms are returned to the filer (i.e., the IRS) by midnight on the 31st day after the filing due date. You cannot file a Form 990-PF more than once unless the information submitted on every previous Form 990-PC is on a separate Form 990-PF. You can download a copy of the tax forms you must file on a computer or submit the completed forms by fax or e-mail. Is there any difference between Form 990-PF and Form 990? No. Forms 990-PF and Form 990 are the same form used by the IRS. However, Form 990, along with Form 4562, is also referred to as a Return of Information to Reporting Entities (R2E) Form (the R2E form is not filed electronically by the filer but is filed along with any other Form 990-PF or Form 990-EZ). I am a U.S. citizen who is working outside the U.S. as a business owner. What happens when I file a Form 990-PF for my business? The IRS considers you a professional who has been employed outside the United States for a cumulative period of 90 days or more.
Is there a due date for Form 990-PF?
No. You have a right to file a return for Form 990-PF with the IRS within 5 years of filing an initial return. This is called timely amended return. But, you should make sure you file Form 990-PF before the due date for your original return. See Pub. 50 for details. I have not filed my Form 990-PF. What now? You have 20 days after filing your original return to file a timely amended return. See Pub. 50 for details. A timely amended return does not cover all the tax you deducted or withheld as an independent contractor. The IRS is authorized to assess penalties for failing to file timely amended returns. See Notice 2006-35, 2005-2 I.R.B. 822 for more information. What if the IRS audits an independent contractor and finds that he or she made or caused to be made the errors? If the IRS finds you made or permitted the making of errors by an independent contractor, the IRS will assess any taxes you must pay and interest on unpaid amounts on your Form 990-PF at the rate of interest allowed. The rate of interest applied is the greatest of the prevailing Federal bank rate plus 1.5% or 13 times the federal minimum rate for the year. Interest is allowed for amounts paid before the due date of the return, or at the rate of interest allowed on amounts that are timely amended income tax returns. See Pub. 50. In addition, the IRS may also impose a civil money penalty of up to 10,000. See Pub. 969.
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