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Why Stock market is showing positive trends even when BJP lost all three states?
Our analysis by our algorithm says, Nifty 50 will reach to its target 11070 and will cross 10890 on 26/27th December, 18. Cmp is 10800 and uptrend will start only after it crosses the trend line (pink) drawn.So, the market is not reacting positively, itu2019s just a recovery. Indices and quality will never show free fall, they always fall and recover, fall and recover and so on.Nifty50 (that almost all uses, as a parameter to analyze that market is positive or negative) comprises of 50 stocks from different sector, so one or the other sector will always give it a positive movement (like banking, financial and cement sector gave support in the last 2days).Also, when the inverted hammer was formed after a gap down, we knew the market will recover now, till itu2019s first resistance (which is the pink trend-line).The same pattern was formed in Nifty IT, we gave buy recommendation on our investing com article. The market rallied amazingly after our recommendation.Our short-term view on Nifty 50:- Nifty will be in a very narrow range for next 5u20137 days, then will reach 10890 on 26/27th Dec. After closing above 10890 it will reach itu2019s target 1 i.e 11070. Closing below 10700 will be a confirmation for the downtrend and should be our SL for buy trade taken.Our analysis is through the algorithm that we have built.To see our previous recommendations you can visit our profile on investing com website. Open link in browser (not in app):-Analysis & Comment by Apex Advisors on Investing.com IndiaI use Upstox for my technical analysis and trading. You can try it out and open your account for free (effectively) from the link:-Upstox - Online Share/Stock Trading, Options Trading, Discount Brokers in IndiaKnowledgeu2019s dividend:-Market doesnu2019t react after the news, it always anticipates the news in advance and if news comes according to its anticipation then they book profits.So, if the market will see a bull run now, that would mean that they are anticipating and betting on BJP for 2019.For example:- intraday traders think that, if company A is announcing its results today and results are bad then stock prices will fall. But they are surprised to see the prices going up. Itu2019s because of the reason that we said above u201cmarket anticipates in advance and then book profits if that happens exactly as they predictedu201dUpvote and share to appreciate.
What is a DTMF controlled robot? How does DTMF work?
In a DTMF controlled bot, we use DTMF for sending the control signals along the telephone line, to control the movements of our robot. ABOUT DTMFIt is system which consists of two frequencies superimposed. DTMF signals are the superposition of 2 sine waves with different frequencies. Individual frequencies are chosen such that it is easy to design filters and easy to transmit the tones through a telephone line having bandwidth of approximately 3.5 kHz. DTMF was designed to be able to send the codes using microphone. GENERATING DTMFDTMF signals can be generated through dedicated ICs or by using RC networks connected to a microprocessor.MT8880 is an example of a dedicated IC. But getting the latter method work is a bit difficult if high accuracy is needed. The crystal frequency needs to be sacrificed for a nonstandard cycle length. Hence this method is used for simple applications. Most often, DTMF encoder software in PC or inbuilt dialing pulse of landline/mobile can be used for encoding purpose of generating DTMF signals.DECODING DTMF (CM8870 IC)Detecting DTMF with satisfactory precision is a hard thing. Often, a dedicated IC such as CM8870 is used for this purpose.The CM-8870 is a full DTMF Receiver that integrates both band split filter and decoder functions into a single18-pin DIP or SOIC package.Its decoder uses digital counting techniques to detect and decode all 16 DTMF tone pairs into a 4-bit code. HOW TO USE CM8870 IN OUR PROJECTThe output coming at the Q1,Q2,Q3,Q4 digital (i.e. in the form of or 1).We connect these pins to the microcontroller. We take output at these as input the microcontroller unit. Based on the input, we use microcontroller to control the motion of the motors attached to our robot using a motor driving IC like L293D.u00a0
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