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If your nonprofit raised less than $5000 from any one contributor, can youskip filing Schedule B with your 990 or 990 EZ form to the IRS?
Yes if no donor gave more than 5000 money andor property yourorganization can skip filing Schedule B of Form 990 as long as theorganization is a public charity checking either box 16a or 16b in Part II of Schedule A of 990 or a relatively new organization checking box 13 in Part II of Schedule A of Form 990.Be sure you answer Question 2 in Part IV of Form 990 u201cNo.u201d
When an nonprofit organization merges with another nonprofit organization, isit best to file a GEL (Group Exemption Letter) with the IRS?
Group Exemption Letters are used for Umbrella Organizations so that theirlocal chapters do not have to obtain their own individual 501C3 designation. Idont really see the need if you are just looking at 2 NPOs merging theiroperations. Using the term merger here typically has one of two meanings. 1. A merger where one organization is merged into another surviving organization. Assuming the purposes of the two NPO are similar which I dont think I would understand a merger where they were not then the combined organization would operate under the surviving NPOs exempt status in the future. 2. A consolidation where the two NPOs come together to create a new organization. In this case the new organization needs to create a new legal entity apply for a new tax id number and file a new form 1023. While logistically 2 requires more effort given the politics and challengesof combining NPOs it is not that uncommon.
How can I see the IRS filings by nonprofits on the Internet?
A2A To the best of my knowledge the IRS does NOT make available the form990s that are filed by NOT FOR profits. This would be a security issue. Accessto the IRS computers is VERY EXTREMELY Limited. And direct access almost nonexistent.By law they are available for public inspection. Simply contact the NFP.I prepare 3 NFPs. All 3 post their 990 on their website so that they do nothave to be bothered by people like you. My suggestion is check their websitefirst. Then contact them.NOTE if you want copies they are allowed to charge you for costs and time au201creasonableu201d amount and they are allowed to set times that copies areavailable for inspection for example they close at 5pm you can not ask forsomeone to be there at 8 pm or on weekends or at 6am. They do NOT have tobend over backwards for you
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